2019 Model of the Year 40-foot Nickel Plate Stock Car

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While the Nickel Plate is probably better known for its movement of dressed meats from the Chicago area east to the New York markets, it had its share of stock cars as well.  This accurately decorated HO scale Accurail model is an easy-to-assemble piece of rolling stock that will fit right in on your Nickel Plate layout.  Complete with trucks, couplers and steel weight, the car can easily be assembled in no time at all.

As is the case with all Models of the Year, we have a limited number so order yours right away to ensure adding this stock car to your railroad collection.  UPDATE: We no longer have the appropriate decals to renumber the stock cars.  Multiple car orders will receive the same car number.  USE THE DROP-DOWN MENU to order additional cars at a discounted price.